Sat Nijjer - Fortel Groups and SkyBlue Solutions Recruitments Chief Executive Officer

Well said by Chief Executive and owner of Fortel, Sat Nijjer - Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.
Fortel Owner as well as Chief Executive Officer, Sat Nijjer lays terrific focus on the relevance of health and wellness induction in the construction sector.Very few would be aware of this, but the federal government has a regulation for the health and wellness of individuals at work. The Health and Safety at the workplace etc Act 1974 requires the companies to have appropriate health and safety monitoring systems at the office. The Act makes provision for safeguarding the wellness of individuals at the office, welfare and safety of the workers consisting of the people that are not straight employed by the business-like specialists and visitors.
While the regulation exists and it is necessary for the companies to comply with the guidelines, it is additionally required for the staff members to understand about their legal rights and also tasks concerning their own health & security. Employers ought to perform a General Threat Assessment to guarantee the health and safety of their employees.
"To create awareness about health & safety at work, employers should have proper employee induction & health and safety training programs whenever new employees join the company. The induction program should educate the employees about the safety standards, procedures and policies of the company." - Sat Nijjer, owner of Fortel