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SkyBlue Solutions
  • May 15, 2020
SkyBlue Solutions supporting the NHS today and for the future.

Never has our National Health Service been under so much time-bound pressure to save lives.

Adapting quickly as the science and understanding of COVID-19 emerged, the demands on its frontline care workers and core support services have been immense.

We have all been personally affected by the dedication and expertise deployed and this has been universally recognised, with numerous initiatives designed to show appreciation.

We all feel compelled to show how the unstinting dedication of NHS staff inspires us to help, in whatever individual way we can.

From a business perspective, SkyBlue Solutions, is proud of the work we are doing to support the building of the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital.

Opening in 2022, this facility is set to transform healthcare in Sandwell and Birmingham, serving the needs of over 700,000 people.

Such projects bring benefits to society beyond the obvious.

We are able to offer people in the local community credible work in an exciting construction environment, an ability to develop and a genuine improvement in meaningful long-term employment.

People feel valued, not only by us, but by wider society for the great work that they are undertaking.

What drives our success is the partnership and collaboration we have with the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership.

Working with Sandwell Borough Council, Walsall Works and the West Midlands Combined Authority ensures we are reaching deeper and further across communities and societies to provide opportunity.

Around the UK, SkyBlue works with health trusts and healthcare service providers to recruit in the demanding support services sectors. The facilities upon which we are so dependent right now, cannot function without the dedication of porters, caterers, housekeepers, cleaners, engineers and frontline Helpdesk staff.

At a time when our appreciation for the NHS is as great as our very dependence on it, we are proud to be working to support its present and future.

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  • Ref: SB/1780
  • Location: Woking

GFSL Project Escort

  • Ref: SB/1942
  • Location: Sutton, England

GFSL Electrical Supervisor

  • Ref: SB/1955
  • Location: Hemel Hempstead

GFSL- Works Escort

  • Ref: SB/2051
  • Location: Bedford