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Advice For You

Here are some tips to help you find work.

Is your CV up to date?

Make sure your CV is up to date and clearly highlights your work history and qualifications. Also, it may sound obvious but remember to include your contact details. Without them we won't know who you are or be able to contact you.

Latest job opportunities

Keep up to speed with our latest opportunities by visting our website frequently or call us on 0870 471 4358 for any job seeking advice.

Register your CV

Register your personal details and CV on a range of job boards. The more job boards you register with, the more visible you will be to recruiters. Here at SkyBlue, we often search for new candidates on a number of job boards. If yours CV isn't on them, we won't know about you and you could be missing out on finding your next role.

Interview preparation

Remember to prepare for your interview. Some basic things to remember are; research the company as much as you can, prepare a list of questions to ask, plan your route, arrive slightly early or at least on time and remember to dress appropriately. Oh and don't forget to turn your mobile off!

Always ask for feedback

If you've been unsuccessful in an interview it is easy to feel rejected. The best thing to do is ask for feedback. Always take the feedback as constructive criticism and not personally.

Keep your spirits up

It's very easy to get disheartened when the rejections mount up, but the key to success is persistence. Keep motivated and believe in yourself, put 100% in finding your ideal job and all your hard work will eventually pay off