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Recruitment Solutions

We specialise in connecting the very best skilled people to the right professions

Our team of talent sourcing specialists, supported by dedicated account consultants, scouts the facilities management, construction and infrastructure sectors. We aim to find and connect the best talent, and provide a localised delivery and flexible recruitment solutions across the UK. Our candidate attraction strategies can be tailor-made to any sector whilst backed by the very best recruitment tools, sourcing specialists and social media campaigns.

We use consistent recruitment practices to control costs and quality. We also continuously monitor and manage compliance, legislation and best practice.

We are passionate in our support of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the eradication of modern slavery.

Find out more about the Recruitment Solutions we can offer your organisation

Candidate Selection

  • A tailor-made recruitment solution responsive to your ever changing business needs

  • Providing you with a flexible selection process which fits your requirements and timescales

Candidate Attraction

  • We specialise in connecting the very best skilled people to the right professions

  • We operate a Recruitment Hub who are experts in their industries and sectors

  • We identify and use local talent for sustainable recruitment and your Section 106 and Social Value Act 2012 commitments

  • We offer Customer tailored multi-channel media and social media campaigns

  • We possess an extensive candidate Database

  • We drive Candidate Training & Upskilling

Onboarding & Candidate Management

  • Customer inductions including critical heatlh and safety information and project details

  • Our dedicated account consultants ensure your candidates stay engaged and involved

  • We perform continuous compliance and legislative monitoring

Recruitment Delivery models

A tailor made delivery model designed specifically for your business requirements

  • National acount management

  • On-site delivery

  • Temporay, contract, permanent and temporary to permanent

  • Recruitment process outstanding

  • Managed service provision

  • Collaborative service provision

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