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We are able to provide flexible recruitment solutions by utilising our expert team and forward-thinking recruitment tools, while managing and monitoring costs, quality, compliance, legislation and best practice.

We scout across a range of sectors to source local candidates in order to benefit communites across the UK.

Our recruitment solutions include:

Candidate Selection
Candidate Selection
  • Bespoke recruitment solutions tailored to your business/project
  • A flexible selection process to meet your requirements
Candidate Attraction
Candidate Attraction
  • A Recruitment Hub with experts across numerous industries and sectors
  • Recruiting of local talent to help you fulfill your Section 106 and Social Value Act 2012 commitments
  • Customer tailored multi-channel media and social media campaigns
  • An extensive candidate database
  • Training & upskilling to help our candidates expand their expertise
Onboarding & Candidate Management
Onboarding & Candidate Management
  • Our customer inductions include project details and critical health and safety information
  • Our expert account consultants ensure your candidates stay engaged and involved
  • We carry out continuous compliance and legislative monitoring
Recruitment Delivery models
Recruitment Delivery models
  • A delivery model tailored to your specific business requirements
  • National account management
  • On-site delivery
  • Temporary, contract, permanent and temporary to permanent
  • Recruitment process outstanding
  • Managed and collaborative service provision

To find out more about our recruitment services, call us on 0870 471 4358.

Recruitment Hub

Our Recruitment Hub and specialist team allows us to:

  • Ensures we forecast and manage labour market trends to provide you with the candidates that meet all your requirements.

  • Scout the industry for the best talent and connect you with candidates best suited to your vacancy.

  • Work with the supply chain sustainability school and other forums to help solve skills shortages for good

  • Utilise technology and media to ensure our opportunities reach a wide audience that is inclusive and engaged

SkyBlue delivers on all

local recruitment targets

set by customers

Supporting you in delivery

We'll take care of all candidate administration tasks such as payroll and project inductions, so that you don't have to.
Additionally, our presence on-site will minimise absenteeism, improve retention rates and help avoid any disruption to your projects.

On-site experts

We offer an on-site recruitment team to help provide you with a sustainable link to shortlisted and selected local candidates.

Managing candidates

We manage candidates in line with your company culture and values, supporting health, safety, quality and productivity performance.

Anticipating your recruitment needs

By working closely with your team, we are able to anticipate your short and long term recruitment needs, ultimately helping streamline the execution of your project.