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We are experts in the field of recruitment. From professional contract leaders and commercial expertise, to trade workers and engineers, we deliver the right people for the job.

With 20 years of experience recruiting across a wide range of sectors, we are able to offer our clients a professional, collaborative, and authentic service every time.

We work with clients to supply temporary, fixed term and permanent employees across the following disciplines:

We have decades of experience supplying security cleared employees into the public sector, due to our long standing relationship with Gov Facilities Services Ltd.

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Social Value

We work with our clients to ensure they achieve their social value objectives. One way we do this, is by opting for a localised approach to recruiting, which increases job opportunities to local residents and adds measurable social value to the community.

We also ensure diverse candidate pools and work closely with back-to-work providers, to help support ex-offenders and ex-military personnel re-enter the job market.

Take a look at our MMUH case study here


When working with SkyBlue, you can expect results driven by innovation and technology.

We have created a bespoke, in house system calles Leaf, that enables us to offer our candidates and clients awid range of technology based solutions. These solutions include:

  • Custom built client and worker portals
  • Easy access to reports and MI
  • Innovative online timesheet solutions
  • Online payslips
  • E-learning and Induction video's
  • Online skills testing
  • PPE ordering & management
  • Online security checks
  • Accident logging via our App called BeSafe


From the 6th April 2021 the Off Payroll rules will be extended to the private sector, changing the obligations to determine the tax position of those individuals who provide their services to an end user client through a personal service company (PSC).

These changes will mean a PSC will no longer be responsible for complying with the IR35 legislation.

Instead, the end user of the PSC (the client) must assess the IR35 status of each engagement, and if the client determines the engagement to be 'inside IR35', the fee-payer must deduct tax and national insurance deductions before remitting the remaining balance to the PSC.

Such changes have been in place for PSC’s operating in the public sector since 2017. HMRC’s aim is to ensure those who provide their services personal through a limited company into the client are not doing so to avoid the payment of the correct levels of PAYE or National Insurance Contributions during that assignment should they be deemed an 'employee' for tax purposes.

We have been working with our clients to ensure payments made to PSC's after the 6th April 2021 comply with the new rules.

If you have any questions pertaining to IR35, you can get in touch with our experts.


Do the changes ban the use of limited company contractors or 'PSC's' by clients?

No- the legislation does not abolish the use of PSC's by clients, it merely changes the responsibility for determining if the assignment is inside or outside of IR35 and therefore, the taxation position for that earned income, from the PSC to the client.

If I am determined by the client to be inside IR35, am I unable to continue my assignment through my PSC?

No, that is a common misconception. If the client permits the use of PSC's should you be deemed in scope of IR35, you can continue to provide your services through your PSC. However, the agency will have to deduct PAYE and National Insurance Contributions from your invoice before paying the remaining balance to you. It is the agency's responsibility to remit those deductions to HMRC.

The client has determined me in scope of IR35 but I disagree, what can I do?

The legislation requires the client to establish a disagreement process to help resolve a disagreement to their determination. You will be given that process with your Status Determination Statement and the client must respond to within 45 days from receipt of your disagreement, either:

  • Confirming that it has considered the representations made and decided that its determination is correct, and give the reasons for that decision; or
  • Giving a new Status Determination Statement containing a different conclusion and state that the previous determination is withdrawn.

Can clients ban the use of PSC's for contractors?

Clients must use 'reasonable care' when making their determinations. The new rules prohibit a client making a blanket determination that all PSC’s are in or outside of the IR35 rules.
However, clients can ban the use of PSC's as a pay route for temporary workers. This ban would not be a blanket determination nor caught within the scope of the new rules and therefore compliant. We have been in discussions with all our clients to help them understand that there are circumstances in which their use of a PSC contractor can remain a viable option.

What are my options if I can't provide my services through my PSC?

Get in touch with us, we will look towards a PAYE compliant arrangement going forward.

Health and Safety

At SkyBlue, Health and Safety is of utmost importance. Our qualified health and safety advisors are dedicating to looking after our workforce, and ensuring that: