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Customer Service

Did You Know?

As recruitment industry leaders in customer service, you can be sure you are doing business with people who make the recruitment process simple, easy and enjoyable!

Understanding your unique needs

We know that every customer is unique in its requirements. We work with you to understand your vision, get under the skin of what needs to be done, embrace your company values and culture and ensure a common set of recruitment aspirations are defined in our solutions.

Strong customer relationships

We build and maintain strong relationships by holding regular customer meetings and visits to your teams to ensure every one of your requirements is met in a timely manner. You'll get regular opportunities to provide two-way feedback so best practice can be celebrated and issues resolved.

Monitoring progress

We use the Net Promoter customer service benchmarking system to monitor progress so you can see exactly how we are performing. We are also working towards customer service excellence by way of the ServiceMark Standard.

Customer focused recruiters

We work hard at providing innovative solutions, so that you receive a service from people who are committed, happy and bursting with new recruitment solutions.