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Training and Development

SkyBlue delivers training for many of its temporary workers.

Continuous Monitoring

Our training management system allows us to continually monitor and manage the development needs of our candidates. Requirements for individuals and for our customers can be met in a planned, timely and efficient manner.

On The Job Training

SkyBlue champion on the job training, shadowing and observation - starting at induction stage. The business provides clear progression and training routes, structured in terms of experience, to ensure mentoring and support is given to its temporary candidates across a variety of NVQ and other structured qualification routes.


SkyBlue support Apprenticeships which are beneficial to both individuals and industry in the long-term. An apprentenship with SkyBlue, guarantees a weekly wage for successful candidates and, as a matter of course, is an active element in our selection process during open days and through interviews.

Fortel owner for more general information on Apprenticeships visit the DirectGov website.